Vision and Mission


Vision of the Department :

 The Mechanical Engineering Department attempts to be perceived internationally to outstanding training and research prompting all around qualified specialists, who are inventive, entrepreneurial and effective in cutting edge fields of mechanical building to provide food the regularly changing modern requests and social needs.

Mission of the Department :

 To provide the students with academic environment of excellence, leadership, ethical guidelines and lifelong learning needed for a long productive career.
 To shape the youthful dynamic potential personalities to rise as a decisive future expert to accomplish the national level status.
 To bestowing most elevated quality training to the students to construct their ability and upgrading their aptitudes to make them all around competitive mechanical designers.
 To facilitate continuous learning environment

The PEOs of Department are:

1. Mechanical engineering graduates have successful careers in Industry/ Entrepreneurship.
2. Our graduates show excellence in technical higher Education and in Research
3. Our graduates show good competency and social commitment in their work culture.

The programme specific outcomes (PSOS) of Department are :

1. Should able to clear the concept in the field of design, manufacturing, and in thermal, technology
2. Should able to learn managerial and leadership skill to work effectively in team and in society.