Vision and Mission


Vision of EEE

To bring forth engineers with an emphasis on higher studies and fervour to serve national and multinational organisations and, the society.


Mission of EEE

M1: To provide domain knowledge with advanced pedagogical tools and applications.

M2: To acquaint graduates with the latest technology and research through collaboration with industry and research institutes.

M3: To instill skills related to professional growth and development.

M4: To inculcate humanitarian ethical values in graduates through various social-cultural activities.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of EEE

PEO 01: The graduate will be able to apply the Electrical and Electrical Engineering concepts to excel in higher education and research and development.

PEO 02: The graduate will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to solve real life engineering problems and design electrical systems that are technically sound, economical and socially acceptable.

PEO 03: The graduate will be able to showcase professional skills encapsulating team spirit, societal and ethical values.


Program Specific Objectives (PSOs) of EEE

PSO 01: Students will be able to identify, formulate and solve problems using various software and other tools in the areas of Automation, Control Systems, Power Engineering and PCB designing.

PSO 02: Students will be able to provide sustainable solutions to growing energy demands.